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There are many ways to describe
rust rings,

And, none of them are flattering.

But, here's a new one:

The Rust Ring Preventer Stops Rust Rings Before They Can Even Start!
The NEW Rust Ring Preventer snaps on to the bottom of shaving cream cans, powdered bleach cleansers, and more. With the small effort of popping the cap on the can, you save hours on scrubbing those unsightly rust rings that never really seem to completely come off.
There Are 3 Sizes Which Fit Most Any of the Above Listed Cans.
The Rust Ring Preventer is available in three different sizes which makes Protecting Your Shower, Counter Tops, and other surfaces EASIER! The large Rust Ring Preventer can even be used as a lid for the top of the powdered bleach cleansers to prevent spillage! And, the transparent look assures that it will blend with the packaging on your can - Keeping Your Product Looking Clean.


I just wanted to take a minute to send you a quick message to let you know how pleased I am with your product. Such a simple idea but does so much to make life a little easier! I first purchased a multipack (the 3 different sizes) from you quite a number of years ago, I think close to 6 years ago. We have used all of them and the last ring we were using just finally wore out. I'd say that we got more than our money's worth! I just placed an order for 4 more rings (2 size medium and 2 size large). Again I can't say enough how much I like this little plastic cap for saving me all the pain and suffering of scrubbing rust rings (some of which never come off completely) from our showers and tubs. Thanks again for this little piece of ingenuity -- I love it!!!

From a very happy and loyal customer,
Robin B

The Choice Is Yours!

Hours of scrubbing off nasty rust...or the NEW Rust Ring Preventer.

Not only is it an easy decision to make, it's a very affordable decision as well!

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